Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When I trip...I hear my father's voice, "Get up!"

I’m completely lost…barely a year ago the headlines read: The Great Recession is over!

Yet gas prices continued to move upward forcing food, clothing, the electric company and concert tickets to ride along side like a Harley Davidson motorcycle club searching for a nonprofit organization to support.

I don’t know enough about the Stock Market to celebrate why so many business people catch an hourly high off sleeping with digits that kiss but never tell after they reach 12,000; just as much as those selling the future have no clue what its costing you to drive to work.

I wrote a letter to my financial advisor and quickly received a reply from his boss who threatened to drop me as a customer. I didn’t write anything bad, evil or crass. I’m a poet with a pen! Guess not everybody listens to the lyrics of their favorite song on the radio. It was a tune called, "What's it like to have an $80,000 carpet in your office?"

A new CBS News poll clearly points out the majority of us don’t believe the recession is over.

Those words hit me while taking a jog on the treadmill designed to calm down the blood pressure. I wanted to stop the midlife crisis walker and puke. Why is it acceptable for your performance at work to be under a micromanagement microscope everyday but the moment you regain the courage to ask why a bank wants to charge you money for ATM card use the system immediately begins to question your participation?

I met a strange funny man with a raspy deep Country music style voice, a weird walk but keen sense of connection to a real America over the weekend; he said to me, “I sell more 17 foot trailers everyday than any time in my thirty years in the RV business.”

“Really?” I sharply questioned, “How can people afford to go on vacation?”

“They aren’t…” He laughed out loud, “They’ve lost their homes and the only roof they can afford is a camping trailer which will be parked in a cousin’s backyard.”

The only thing missing is a dust bowl…Hey! We’ve currently got a serious drought in the Carolina’s going on…what if the wind begins to whip up a bit?

How can I turn this writing into something positive? I’m supposed to be Captain Optimistic!

You know something is seriously wrong when Bob Dylan’s appearance on the Grammy Awards didn’t move a nation! Quick call Joni Mitchell! Peter Paul and Mary! Crosby Stills and Nash! Missing from the forefront of our cultured way of experiencing life are the storytellers of chapters past. We need Lennon softly singing about imagining all people living in peace!

I crank up Flo Rida’s Bottoms Up, Usher’s OMG, Black Eyed Peas Gotta a Feeling and everything from Rhianna, Drake and Bruno Mars but the language might be too much to sing leaving nothing in the way of creating a reason to think.

Ironman, Tron, The Green Hornet, Batman and Justin Bieber are superhero’s trapped inside a mad world. Has anybody stopped to think about the conditions of the cities they’re fighting to save? We’ve given permission to everybody connected to the recession to fix it. The day has come that each of us needs to step in it; get it all over our feet and create a trail across the living room carpet. Nothing can or will change until we start to recognize the stank.

For the first time since The Great Depression and World War II we the people of this great nation have been chosen to be the pioneers of the future now unveiled. That’s the positive! That’s the optimist staring into a half full glass of curled milk that’s been sitting outside the fridge since 2007.

Its time to start using the tools and build a shelter. Reconnect to reality.

Car pooling is no longer about going green. In a matter of weeks it’ll be more expensive to keep your tires on the road than it’ll be to hoist out cash for daycare. Saving it for a rainy day is what we did before the recession—take in a flat screen 2D movie and stop wasting it on 3D adventures that have no pay off. We’ve allowed these prices to hike their skirts and tease your common sense. Young adults forked out $38.50 per ticket for Justin B to be one of the first to check out his flick.

It’s completely 100% Capitalism running wide open when other companies believe they have what it takes to grab those same family dollars by offering things a little more and a little more and a little more expensive. It’s designed to become less freaky and more acceptable.

You’re supposed to be getting high off life not raising the price to an all time high. This spring plant a garden along side the house. Buy a $2 bottle of wine and get used to the flavor. Rather than waste your money on watering the lawn get a rain barrel. If we truly are in a drought stop fighting with God. Accept it by designing something more natural. Plant trees which creates shade while learning how to trap water from the humidity we’re blasted with.

City and County leaders have reappraised homes without calling it a new tax. Buy a 17 foot trailer and park it for 21 bucks a day in a state park. They have electricity and water and it only takes a second to hit the dumping station! If my doctor truly is correct and the only food you need is supposed to be no larger than your fist…get on a diet plan that in the end won’t bust the medication bank because modern day foods are sickness waiting to take a bite out of you.

Reconnect to reality. That’s today’s positive! In the 1930’s Mom was stuck in a bullet making plant; it’s the only work she could find. My first mother in law made combat boots for soldiers. Franklyn Roosevelt generated enough support to put these 48 connected states back to work. Two years ago President Obama shouted, “Yes you can!” That’s been dropped by the people for, “No I can’t. Or..that’s ok, I’ll be fine!”

My sister in law has lost her home. My neighbor Roger lost his home. How many house payments are you away from walking in the same shoes?

Hey American Idol is back on tonight. I love Steven Tyler! It’s Hollywood week!

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