Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Don't Text While Writing

Remember when putting puzzles together were the hot American trend? Classic family time was spent searching for rounded chunks of blips and blobs that would mysteriously make their way into becoming a brilliant portrait. My family being of Montana mud and existence always chose forested scenes or bridges across roaring rivers. If Gene Simmons of KISS had been around ten years earlier there might have been some edgier pieces parts made available for growing teen boys. The lack of Rock in puzzles had to be the reason why I took up writing! What is a single word but a puzzle piece. When you put enough of them together the background lights up the imagination, "I'm almost there!" I still have 100,000 more pieces but wow this is so much better than yesterday!" Writer's tend to be perfectionists. That being said. A puzzle can instantly go silent if what's being painted onto the surface of a table doesn't make sense. As far back as the second grade Mrs. Keefe constantly reminded me, "Beginning, middle and end." Hard to digest is how the writing world has changed in the center of series of adventures. Tweets are abbreviated words. Face Book might connect to readers but what drives them to want to follow you to the next page? Radio and TV commercials are every reason to tune out. Books are digital and never in my life did I think there would come a time when having every page at my fingertips was the perfect way to digest what the author was attempting to sell. It's not just 100,000 puzzle pieces of one writer. Digital books make any number of authors available at any given moment. Just like Radio and TV...readers are tuning out. And there aren't any commercials!!!!Just a bunch of sentence that connect readers to everything. Oh we eventually get to it. After answering emails, thumbing through Amazon and blanking out trash advertisers attempting to make perfect your unwritten life. I spend a lot of time on college and broadcast campuses educating tomorrows communicators. Where are the published authors doing the same for writers? The world will always be ready for a new book. Getting it into the hands of an interested reader is the difficult challenge. The playing field for creative minds changes by the hour. How we maintain the level of upkeep required drains from the imagination everything once thought to be the protective shield from perfectionism. The reason why writer's don't offer their services to other thinker' because everybody is their own writer and nobody whats to be compared. Mark Twain couldn't survive in 2013. I believe Harry Potter would have a tough time as well. The 1990's were a different time. Shades of Gray has become popular because women finally believe that porno doesn't have to be pictures but rather images set free in the imagination. The writer's edge inside a world fed by a wealth of knowledge dulls the tip of the most brilliant sentence. And yet...we continue to write. Believer's in the passion to put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard find themselves shying away from chasing a dream and relying more on answer the calling.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Writer's Fighting In Bathroom Mirrors

Nobody is harder on the opposite side of a creative mind than the self paying the daily rent. Which is why I take the time to answer "The Doubter." Every question! Why if the industry has failed its performers do I spend so much time chasing radio dreams? Friends or my worst critics. Hate your new book Scrambled Eggs because of the style of writing chosen. Why can't I start over and become liked? How can you be so busy and have nothing to show for it? 1. Radio performers haven't failed the industry. Non-radio people banking on advertising dollars have tipped the stage upside down. True Broadcasters are turtles. We lay on our backs pretending to feel the self proclaimed Master's in control tickling our tummies. As long as they're footing the bill. I accept all change. Digital wouldn't be without there being a connection between deep pockets and a need to make money. It's the greatest time to be in Radio. Show me a decision maker that can do a show, produce commercials, sell advertising and attend community events while keeping a thumb print on the pulse of where music and performance is versus isn't. Radio works if you let it. 2. I went into writing Scrambled Eggs to answer a mission. The sentences and paragraphs are completely all my own. Delivered my own way. It's how I think. I study word formation. I listen to how normal people speak. I watch great engaging conversation completed inside thoughts shared. Why aren't newspapers and magazines writing this way? Why are books thick? And in return I'll get a billion answers. But none will satisfy the hunger to way. I truly don't care if not one book is sold. I don't care. Nothing comes close to the incredible pleasure I'm getting in bringing these characters air. 3. Life isn't supposed to be a business. Life is about living. Learning to live is a subject that two people will never agree on. I'm extremely busy living life. I've been invited to the most fascinating places noted as common and find its spirit to be a truer blue than the sky. When your choice in life is to live. The journey begins. Accept the good with the great while dipping your toes in the bad and very ugly. Peace in my soul is rubbing noses with my sixteen year old Maltese named MJ. A rescue that was horribly treated for five years in a situation that should've claimed his life. To stare in his eyes is my Jazz. To take a writing instrument and write about no different than Paul McCartney penning out Hey Jude. He got the world to listen. All I want to do is thank God for giving me the chance to live another day.